Much of the Latin Literature test is matching authors to their respective timelines, works to authors, and subjects to works.

Beginnings of Latin Literature

Livius Andronicus
Considered as the originator of Latin literature, introduced
the first regular play with a plot, born in Tarentum in 284
B.C. and taken to Rome as a slave under Livius Salinator (he
took his master's name when freed), died in 204 B.C.,
implies Greek origin

Major work:
Odissia - translation of Homer's Odyssey into Latin in
Saturnian meter

Also, at the Ludi Romani of 240 B.C., Livius composed and
acted in the first Latin comedy and first Latin tragedy. He
wrote 8 tragedies and several comedies modeled from the

Gnaeus Naevius (270-201 B.C.)
He had a quarrel against the Metelli family and was
imprisoned, later exiled by them to Utica where he died.

Major works:
Bellum Punicum - epic about the Punic Wars in Saturnian
meter (he had served in the first Punic War)
Fabula palliatae(6) - comedies in Greek dress, he
practiced contaminatio, the fusion of two Greek
plays into one Latin play
Fabula praetextae(7) - plays on historical Roman

Quintus Ennius (239-169 B.C.)
Father of Latin Poetry, introduced Greek hexameter to Latin
poetry, born at Rudiae in Calabria, he knew 3 languages
(Greek, Latin, Oscan) which he said gave him "three hearts". His
nephew was the tragic poet Marcus Pacuvius. Ennius died at 70 of
the gout.

Major works:
Annales(Annals) - 18 books of epic history of Rome
Rape of the Sabines - one of twenty tragedies
Scipio - poem of Scipio Africanus
Four books of satire
Two comedies

Marcus Pacuvius (220-130 B.C.)
He is the nephew of Ennius, was a respected painter, wrote
about a dozen tragedies.

Lucius Accius (170-86 B.C.)
Born at Pisaurum, parents were freedmen like Horace's,
considered the central figure in Roman tragedy.

Major works:
Atreus - one of 40 or 50 tragedies from Greek models,
"Oderint dum metuant." "Let them hate me provided
they fear me."
Decius - about the self-immolation (devotio) of Decius
Mus at the battle of Sentinum in 295 B.C.
Brutus - about the downfall of the Tarquins

Source: This outline was adapted by Corey Arnold from A History of Latin Literature by Moses Hades
Hadas, Moses. "A History of Latin Literature." (1952): Columbia University Press 3 December 2007.