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Students going to National Latin Forum in Las Vegas:

If you have received your application packet through e-mail and have not yet filled it out and mailed it to NJCL, do that today. If you do not return it very soon, you risk having your place cancelled because of the limited space at UNLV. Do not delay!

Know that I will contact a travel agent about flights as soon as I have gotten information from everyone attending from Winter Springs.

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UPDATE: 05.22.13

Mr. McGimsey and Mr. Robie have booked flights and hotel accommodations for our trip to Las Vegas.

How did we decide what we decided? Primary to our decision-making process were the following considerations:
(1) Price (lower = better)
(2) Dates (arrival two days before Forum so we can enjoy some places and events on the side)
(3) Duration/Ease of Flight (non-stop or one-stop without a change of planes = better)
(4) Departure/Arrival Times (Leave Orlando early to have the most time in Nevada; leave Las Vegas early, for we will want to be home by then)
(5) Capacity (the whole group on the same flight)
(6) Hotel Location (in medias res)

Initially, Mr. McGimsey contacted the travel agency suggested by NJCL. The agent quoted us a price of $650 per person for flights and hotel accommodations for two days. Thinking we could do better, Mr. McGimsey and I researched options and booked ourselves. The flights and hotel accommodations we have bought and paid for for our team members cost $590 per person. We are both glad that we could save our delegates $60 each by making the arrangements ourselves.

Flight Information

Friday, July 19th, 2013
Southwest Flight Number 2517
Depart ORLANDO INTL (MCO) on Southwest Airlines at 07:40 AM
Arrive in LAS VEGAS NV (LAS) at 09:20 AM
Travel Time: 4 hrs 40 mins

Saturday, July 27th, 2013
Southwest Flight Number 1437
Depart LAS VEGAS NV (LAS) on Southwest Airlines at 09:10 AM
Arrive in ORLANDO INTL (MCO) at 4:45 PM
Travel Time: 4 hrs 35 mins

Southwest Airlines does not have assigned seats, so you can choose your seat when you board the plane. You will be assigned a boarding position based on your check-in time. The earlier you check in, within 24 hours of your flight, the earlier you get to board.


(1) Although a couple of airlines were slightly less expensive, the other carriers charge for bags. Southwest passengers are permitted two bags free of charge. Consequently, the Southwest flights above were the best deal.
(2) Two days before Forum = We will have plenty of time to take in some of the landmarks and entertainment unique to Las Vegas and the surrounding area.
(3) Non-stop both ways! Score!
(4) The 7:40 AM departure from MCO is a little early, but there were no other non-stop flights near that time or price. We will arrive in Las Vegas with plenty of time to get in most of a day Friday, all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday before checking in to the pre-convention housing at UNLV Sunday evening. The 9:10 AM departure from LAS will allow us plenty of time to check out of the dorms, get to the airport, fly, and arrive home at a reasonable time.
(5) We are all on the same flight! We will get to sit together if we check in on Thursday, July 18th as soon after 7:40 AM as possible so we can all board first.

Hotel Accommodations

Excalibur Hotel
3850 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 597-7777

Check In Friday, July 19th, 2013
Check Out Sunday, July 21st, 2013

There are seventeen in our party (nine male delegates under 21, six female delegates under 21, two teachers). Therefore, we booked six rooms. Students will be in triples, and the two teachers will be in the last room.

The lodging portion of the $590 includes the room rates (about $90 per night per room), taxes, resort fees, and third person charges.

Each room also gets a $20 food and beverage credit for the stay. Woohoo.

Mr. Robie's students: Mr. Robie's credit card is currently on fire from all of the charges that hit it this week. Please remit $590 to him as soon as you can. Checks should be made out to Daniel Robie (these transactions did not go through WSHS). If $590 is more than you can currently fork over, just e-mail him at to discuss repayment options.

I am very pleased with our travel and lodging accommodations. They are about as inexpensive as was humanly possible.

A few last words for this update....

(1) Soon you will receive an e-mail about possible excursions during the pre-convention portion of our trip. This e-mail will direct you to a survey featuring upwards of 15 different shows, events, landmarks, and destinations we COULD take in before Forum actually begins. Each will have a short description, a projected cost, and a link (if a website is available) for your further investigation. You will be asked to consider the body of options and to rank them from most desirable to least desirable. Mr. McGimsey and Mr. Robie will aggregate the results and complete the arrangements for this portion of the trip after a brief window for responses has closed.
(2) Mr. McGimsey and Mr. Robie will regularly monitor hotel rates, and should a lower rate become available between now and July 17th, we may (as the Direct TV commercial "Opulence: I has it" Russian guy says) "jump in it." Anything to keep costs as low as possible at an acceptable level of comfort.
(3) Mr. Robie's delegates and associated adults: I would like permission from you to do two things: (a) Make your medical information available during the trip to the Trinity Teacher (Mr. McGimsey) to ensure the fastest medical response possible in the unlikely event of an emergency; and (2) Share your contact information within our joint delegation to ensure that everyone is able to contact everyone else regarding Forum. Feel free to ask about either of these, and feel free to deny Mr. Robie's request for these permissions.


WSHS delegates: Contact Mr. Robie about payment and about the permissions outlined above. Stay calm and keep studying!

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Robie